Here is a little poem on tirer les rois or how to make and share the Kings’ cake on Epiphany.

This also the opportunity to revise the little trick which helps you to decide between writing the infinitive (er) or the past participle or past participle used as an adjective  (é) (or even ée when feminine) for the sound ‘é’ at the end of the word.

The rule is: replace the word with a third group verb, for example prendre.
If it makes sense to say:
prendre, then write ‘er’
pris, then write ‘é’
prise, then write ‘ée’.

Example: La galette mangée (prise), nous sommes partis nous promener (prendre).
Once the galette was eaten, we went for a walk.

Les mots de Noël

To print:
La galette des rois – worksheet
La galette des rois-answers

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