Tirons les rois (poème)

Here is a little poem on tirer les rois or how to make and share the Kings’ cake on Epiphany. This also the opportunity to revise the little trick which helps you to decide between writing the infinitive (er) or the past participle or past participle used as an adjective  (é) (or even ée when feminine) for the sound ‘é’ at the end of the […]

Bleu, blanc, rouge

Today, 14th of July, France celebrates its fête nationale, known as Bastille Day. Although it definitely makes sense to call it like this, in France nobody does. All kind of symbols are linked to that celebration: from the military parade on the Champs Elysées, to the bals populaires, fireworks and garden parties, people celebrate the […]

Simple comme bonjour

Greeting someone in French is not very difficult. One has two alternatives according to the time of the day: BONJOUR (literally good day!), for the morning and afternoon. Mind the pronunciation of the nasal vowel ‘on’ in bonjour which is different to ‘onne’ as in bonne journée! (have a nice day!). Listen: BONSOIR for the evening. There […]

En avril ne te découvre pas d’un fil; en mai fais ce qu’il te plaît!

Easter with its rabbits and our overdose of chocolate is on its way; the 1st of April with its foolish jokes is behind us and daffodils are blooming. There we are: spring is in the air, with its sunny (and still not so warm) days. Children are allowed to wear the summer school uniform, but […]

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