Carnaval, Mardi gras, Carême

Mardi gras (Shrove Tuesday, litteraly Fat Tuesday) is the last day before Carême (Lent) which starts on Mercredi des Cendres (Ash Wednesday). On that day, people are supposed to eat rich food before fasting, a religious ritual for Lent. Pancakes and pancake races are very popular on mardi gras in the UK. French people have their […]

Bleu, blanc, rouge

Today, 14th of July, France celebrates its fête nationale, known as Bastille Day. Although it definitely makes sense to call it like this, in France nobody does. All kind of symbols are linked to that celebration: from the military parade on the Champs Elysées, to the bals populaires, fireworks and garden parties, people celebrate the […]

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