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  1. “Maman heureusement que tu m’as fait faire du français avec Barbara! Sinon je n’aurais rien compris à l’école!” Here are the words, maybe in a slightly less perfect french, that my 10 years old daughter told me when we moved to Paris this autumn and started school here! Barbara succeeded in less than 6 months to get my girls to a level satisfactory enough for them to feel comfortable and not completely lost. Barbara is truly great teacher for native and second language pupils alike that need to progress in french. She was able to adapt the level of teaching for each of my two girls 7 and 10. I would have struggle without her. Merci beaucoup Barbara!

  2. The first thing that my children told me about Barbara is that she is a good teacher. Since then they have progressed steadily. My son passed the B1 exam and is now preparing for the GCSE and the B2 and my daughter keeps getting A* every time. Barbara is a gem! I am so glad we found her. Thank you!

  3. Bárbara is a very conscientious teacher with a tremendous subject knoledge.
    Thank you Barbara for teaching my two sons and me.

  4. Barbara has taught my two girls (12-14 y) for the past two years whilst attending an international school in the UK. The course is aimed for the native French students of the school and Barbara was able to continuously prepare, adapt and adjust classes to the needs of the students. She is passionate about the french culture and language and very enthusiastic in her teaching. She is very professional and a very structured teacher offering some students the possibility of sitting a Delf exam and preparing them successfully so they all succeeded. She includes the right amount of technology to make the course as effective as possible and fun using some apps. Overall, I would highly recommend Barbara to any student who wants to improve their French.

  5. Madame, is an amazing French tutor, she has truly helped me in my IB YR1 course, she not only helped me achieve better grades she helped me understand more about this language she is extremely talented at what she does and offers not only direct tutoring but Skype calls and other things to help you!

  6. Barbara taught French (Native Language) to my 12 years old boy. She has been extremely supportive in her approach, encouraging and transmitting her passion for the French language. Her commitment for kids in learning French is impressive and goes beyond her teaching. She has a very caring approach with kids.
    I would highly recommend Barbara for anyone who wants to learn and progress in French.

  7. I would highly recommend Barbara as a caring and dedicated professional. My Grade 8 daughter really enjoys her tutoring sessions. Barbara focuses on her’s specific needs and helps her to progress throughout her studies. She also inspires to learn more about French culture and provides additional materials like books and French podcasts that help to immerse into the French world.

  8. Hello Barbara,
    Pourquoi pas une version française de tous ces articles très intéressants pour des francophones aussi ?

    1. Hello,
      Parce que je sais bien que tous les Français parlent anglais!
      J’y pense et vais peut-être écrire de temps en temps en français.

  9. I have taken classes with Barbara for a couple of years and can most definitely say that I see clear improvement in my French skills. French lessons were made both enjoyable in a welcoming atmosphere and challenging in the best ways. I went from not knowing the basic conjugations of the essential verbs, to easily formulating coherent sentences. Additionally, Barbara is a wonderfully kind woman and has the ability to recognise what will specifically benefit you in your journey to improving your French skills. I would without a doubt recommend lessons with Barbara.

  10. Barbara is not only a great teacher but she also is a great oraniser and coordinator. I am in early stages of learning French and Barbara not only helps me with my studies but is essential to all my communication with contactors and builders in France where I am currently building a house. Her language skills together with ability to oranise and communicate all aspects of our project are a great help in our ‘Journey to France’. She is not only a great teacher and fantastic project manager but also a great French citizen who does her country justice!

  11. Barbara is very dedicated to her teaching and approaches her lessons in a rigorous and methodical way. She prepares the lessons thoroughly and keeps parents informed on the content of the lessons. Her patient approach also allows for a positive learning environment for the children!

  12. There isn’t much to say about Barbara except that she is a very good tutor and she delivers an easy approach that makes life simple for a student. If you tell her you are struggling with a specific part of a language, she is able to find the perfect source almost immediately. I’ve been doing sessions with her for quite some time now and I’ve been doing them ONLINE. The online experience I’ve had with Barbara is not only comparable with the normal one on one tuitions but in fact quite a lot better in many ways. The obvious one is that we don’t have to spend extra time travelling. It is therefore time efficient and lessons are able to be as short as half an hour. This little amount of time wouldn’t be practical at a normal session as doing so wouldn’t be worth it whereas in this case, your laptop at max is probably 3 rooms away. Another advantage of technology is that it can efficiently be used by Barbara as aid in education. Google Drive for example works great. What Barbara does is that she creates a document, shares it with me so that I’m able to see whatever she’s writing and this is great because it works exactly like a whiteboard in a classroom. The difference is that she can also drop pictures, animated gifs. Of course, I can use the document as well, do my tasks on them and make it easier for her discuss the mistakes I have and haven’t made.

    With Barbara, I’ve made good progress and am looking forward to some more classes with her.

  13. Barbara is a very competent French teacher with strong work ethics. She possesses an open, accessible personality, and she is sensitive to the issues involved in cross-cultural communication. I had a taster French lesson with her where she explained me her teaching methodology, educational technologies, language testing, assessment and material design. I was very impressed with her comprehensive approach. Her flexibility of providing standard and at hoc lessons was very helpful as she was able to accommodate my busy schedule.

    I have signed up for regular French lessons and looking forward to making progress.

  14. Barbara has taught french (mother tongue) to my son for 2 years in Denmark.Thanks to her structured, motivating and results-based teaching style, he could develop his french as if attending a french school. French was one of his favorite class at school !
    I would highly recommend her if you’d like to progress in french.

  15. It is a delight to have the opportunity to write this recommendation for Barbara. Barbara was for two years the private teacher of both my sons. Barbara’s love for the boys and her dedication to teaching French goes beyond what can be expected from a teacher. Barbara, continuously strive to find new and inspiring ways to teach the children.
    In addition, Barbara is unique because of her drive, patience and genuine love and care for the children.
    Because of Barbara’s dedication, both my sons today master French at a high level.

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