Here we are again: third Thursday in November and le Beaujolais nouveau est arrivé! That’s the day when the young, light and fruity wine is released in France, in shops, restaurants and bars.  To be precise it should be released one minute past midnight on the third Thursday of November. Always a good business day and an enjoyable anticipation for the clients: what does it taste like this year? The tradition is in fact to discover the fruity flavour hidden behind the red color of the two months old brewage. If strawberry and banana are quite common, one will be able to find all kind of eccentric or exotic flavors… as the bottles are emptied. It is actually all about spending a nice evening in November with friends in a brasserie. Platters of charcuterie (ham, saucisson…), cheese and bread and the dinner is sorted!

Whatever taste, you might discover in it, it is made out of grapes!

Did you know? 
Une grappe de raisins means a bunch of grapes.
Les raisins secs is used in French to designate the dried grapes as raisins in English.

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