Vox populi*

Alea iata est**: last week, on the 23rd of June (etymologically the month of juniores, young men, or maybe of Juno, goddess of the Roman empire), 52% of the Brits voted (from latin votum, wish), via (via, road) a referendum, to leave Europe. A word has even been created in order to name the British exit: the, so Latin, Brexit. Although English […]

Simple comme bonjour

Greeting someone in French is not very difficult. One has two alternatives according to the time of the day: BONJOUR (literally good day!), for the morning and afternoon. Mind the pronunciation of the nasal vowel ‘on’ in bonjour which is different to ‘onne’ as in bonne journée! (have a nice day!). Listen: BONSOIR for the evening. There […]

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