Spring is here with its trend for green: green leaves on the trees, green leaves on your plates, green tea in your cups! These days it’s all about five veggies or fruits a day, balanced meals and a balanced life. Yes, that is what we are looking for: des repas équilibrés et une vie équilibrée. And if you have reached that balance, vous avez trouvé un équilibre.
The tricky part is that if you talk about your balance somewhere in France, one will probably assume that you are busy with you health and especially with your weight, as the word designates a scale. All kind of scales (nothing to do with music though) and commonly the one you use in your bathroom to appreciate how balanced your diet has been! This one is also called pèse-personne (bathroom scale).

Grrr… grammar:

Une balance is a feminine noun and équilibré is the related adjective. As any adjective, it has to agree with the nouns it completes: des repas équilibrés (s for the plural, although repas always has an s, even in singular), une vie équilibrée (ée, as vie is singular and feminine).

Une balance = a scale
Un équilibre = a balance
équilibré = balanced

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