Tailor-made sessions based on your needs, level and personal preferences by a qualified, native French literature and language teacher. Particularly experienced in exam preparation, French for business, corporations and proofreading.

All levels from primary school to university, natives and non-natives, both children and adults, leisure or business oriented.

  • Leisure: help you/your child reach the academic standard in French, just for the pleasure of being fluent in French.
  • Exams: preparation and last-minute cramming (3-5 sessions) organized according to your exam.
  • Themed tuitions: cuisine, wines, arts, architecture, literature, holidays…

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  • Business: writing commercial letters, sales, marketing, working in the hotel and restaurant industries.

  • Relocation: dealing with all kinds of paper work, administrative forms, buying/selling/refurbishing a home, communicating with tradesmen.
  • Proofreading: letters, mails, reports, manuscripts, doctorates etc…
  • Trips: Organisation of holidays or business trips in France (with or without French lessons).

For my teaching, I like it to be very varied and therefore use all kinds of media (books, press articles, CDs, on-line documents, audio-visual supports).