About me:

I am a native, qualified and experienced teacher. I have been a French tutor for foreigners for the last 20 years in different countries including the Netherlands, UK, Denmark, France.

I also regularly teach native French wether it is for children who live abroad and want to follow the French school curriculum, as well as for people in companies who need to brush up their writing and communicating skills.

I love the French language, as much as I love teaching, and that’s the reason I also offer help with various tasks needing French: translating documents, writing menus for restaurants, brochures… I am always ready to have a new experience and to help people with their projects.

I truly love online teaching and find it really intense and efficient. The one to one relationships trough the screen gives the opportunity to focus very well on the task, for the student as well as for the teacher. The web is an amazing place and offers a variety of resources that will fit each individual, whatever their level or needs are.

I like to teach at different levels and be involved in several projects, which is why I decided to be a freelance teacher

Anyway, I would like to say that learning and speaking a language is one of the most amazing experience in someone’s life and gives the opportunity to meet new friends and understand people in their own culture. Just give it a try!

About the blog:

The posts are just facts about the french language, usually based on vocabulary remarks. They point out linguistic particularities, similarities or differences with English, and some cultural habits. They are about synonymes, antonymes, false cognates, idioms, sayings etc. I just hope that you will enjoy it!