Une araignée (n.f.):  a spider
La citrouille (n.f.): a pumpkin
La chauve-souris (n.f.): a bat
La lanterne (n.f.): a lantern
La nuit (n.f.): the night
La sorcière (n.f.): a which
La soupe (n.f.): the soup

Le balai (n.m.): the broom
Le bonbon (n.m.): the sweet, candy
Le chapeau (n.m.): the hat
Le chat (n.m.): the cat
Le chaudron (n.m.): the cauldron
Le corbeau (n.m.): the raven
Le costume (n.m.): the costume
Le fantôme (n.m.): the gohst
Le monstre (n.m.): a monster
Le squelette (n.m.): a skeleton
Le vampire (n.m.): the vampire

déguiser (se) (v.): to dress up

effrayant (adj.): scary
noir (adj.): black
orange (adj.): orange

Carnaval, Mardi gras, Carême

Mardi gras (Shrove Tuesday, litteraly Fat Tuesday) is the last day before Carême (Lent) which starts on Mercredi des Cendres (Ash Wednesday). On that day, people are supposed to eat rich food before fasting, a religious ritual for Lent. Pancakes and pancake races are very popular on mardi gras in the UK. French people have their […]

La Saint Valentin

February 14th, Valentine’s Day, is almost worldwide, considered to be a day of romance; the day to celebrate your special Valentine, as if you wouldn’t do so everyday! It finds its origin in either the ancient Roman festival Lupercalia, kind of  spring cleansing ritual for health and fertility, or named after a Christian martyr in the […]

La chandeleur (children)

Children usually like La chandeleur. Maybe a good opportunity to make them play with the recipe. They can read it and then check their reading. Finally use the recipe to make crêpes and then eat them with friends and family. RECETTE DES CRÊPES RECETTE DES CRÊPES À COMPLETER  Read more about la chandeleur             Like4

La chandeleur

Every year on the 2nd of February, la chandeleur (Candlemas, festa candelabrum in Latin), is celebrated in France. Originally Candlemas was Christian feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary (40 days after Christmas) and feast of the Presentation of our Lord Jesus. Over the years it became a pagan tradition with its myths. Candles were lit […]

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